Gov. Kasich Signs Executive Order Authorizing Autonomous Vehicle Testing in Ohio

Ohio Governor John R. Kasich signed an executive order on May 9, 2018 to authorize autonomous vehicle testing in Ohio and to lay out a roadmap for how the automotive industry can test their technologies in the state.

“Ohio is well positioned to lead in developing the cars of the future, and just as Wright Brothers did at Huffman Prairie, our great state stands ready to once again launch a new era in transportation,” said Kasich. “We have the diversity in weather and terrain that are essential to advancing these new technologies. The sooner these vehicles are safely fine-tuned, the sooner they can make a significant reduction in the 40,000 traffic deaths we have in this country every year.”

The executive order lays out the statewide requirements for autonomous vehicle testing on any Ohio public road or highway. Companies that want to test autonomous vehicles will have to register with DriveOhio, assure their vehicle can operate safely, and comply with all traffic laws. There must be a designated operator who is responsible for the vehicle at all times.

It also creates a pilot program to let DriveOhio connect our cities with companies who are looking for the best places in Ohio to refine their technologies.

“The executive order strikes a strong balance between allowing innovators to test and refine their technologies, while ensuring the safety of the pedestrians, bicyclists and other motorists in the state,” said Jim Barna, DriveOhio’s Executive Director.

Already a leader in smart vehicle technology, Ohio is investing in infrastructure upgrades that will allow devices on roads and traffic-control signals to send critical travel and weather information to drivers. This infrastructure will also help improve emergency response times and will allow traffic managers to better manage congestion. Current initiatives already underway in Ohio include four smart road projects covering 164 miles of roadway, and two smart city projects.

DriveOhio was created by Governor Kasich in January 2018 to bring together those who are responsible for building infrastructure in Ohio with those who are developing the advanced mobility technologies needed to allow our transportation system to reach its full potential.

An overview of the Executive Order can be viewed here.

A copy of the Executive Order can be viewed here.

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