About DriveOhio

The Future of Smart Mobility

DriveOhio will drive Ohio’s preparation and leadership for the future of smart mobility
Ohio is home to dozens of public and private entities all involved in the design, development, testing, use and regulation of autonomous and connected technologies. DriveOhio, the state’s new center for smart mobility, brings all of these organizations together under one umbrella, serving as the hub for all things autonomous and connected in Ohio.

Supported by the Ohio Department of Transportation, DriveOhio also works to ensure Ohio’s regulatory environment and public policies are conducive to the development of the infrastructure and technologies needed for smart mobility.

As the single point of contact for all of Ohio’s smart mobility initiatives and advancements, DriveOhio fosters cooperation and collaboration, offers faster access to resources by breaking down government barriers, and improves efficiencies for people and organizations that want to be part of this industry.

Simply put, DriveOhio is committed to advancing smart mobility in Ohio and being a one-stop shop for those looking to develop, test and deploy advanced mobility solutions in Ohio.
  • 35-Mile Smart Highway
    The 35-mile Smart Mobility Corridor in central Ohio is one of the longest “autonomous ready” highways in the country.
  • 8 Dedicated Working Groups
    DriveOhio has eight working groups studying and making recommendations on smart mobility issues, such as infrastructure, policy, data analytics and vehicle deployment, among others.
  • $14 Billion Investment in Infrastructure
    Since 2011, Ohio has invested $14 billion in nearly 7,000 infrastructure projects, making the state’s infrastructure among the safest and most “autonomous ready” in the country.
DriveOhio Fosters Collaboration
DriveOhio, an initiative of the Ohio Department of Transportation, facilitates collaboration between the public and private sectors, bringing all the right people to the table and serving as the single point of contact for all things autonomous and connected in Ohio.
Developing Interoperable Technologies
Under DriveOhio’s leadership, technology advancements in Ohio are developed to be interoperable, replicable and designed for a broad application.
Ohio’s on the Leading Edge of R&D
The concentration of automotive, engineering, manufacturing and R&D talent in Ohio is second to none, and some of the world’s foremost automotive researchers are already working in Ohio.


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